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  • Suprih Ambawani Institut Sains & Teknologi AKPRIND Yogyakarta
Keywords: positif language, online learning, verbal abuse


The implementation of online learning at the primary and secondary school during the Covid-19 still faces many problems. Parents often conduct verbal abuse to their children, therefore the use of positive language in online learning needs to be applied. The methods used in this research are: (1) Collecting data, searching for data from newspapers, journals, and online articles that match the problem to be studied; 2) Identifying data, selecting sources of data and information collected; 3) Classifying, which is trying to classify and understand further about the sources of data and information obtained in accordance with the issues discussed; 4) Analyzing, discussing the sources of data and information by interpreting the data that has been studied ; and 5) Conclusions, making conclusions from the results of the analysis. The results of this study show that: parents need to build communication with their children through positive diction / words by developing good behavior such as listening to children's opinions, speaking gently and friendly, giving motivation to their children to speak honestly and teaching the children to be wise, and polite and being patient with children as well. From the study it can be concluded that positive language based online learning is a creative learning innovation. It is an effort to prevent verbal abuse and it can help parents to support their children in online learning during the Covid-19 pandemic