• Sandy Lesmana Universitas Negeri Jakarta
  • Yumna Rasyid Universitas Negeri Jakarta
  • Sri Harini Ekowati Universitas Negeri Jakarta
Keywords: French Learning, French Learning for Children, French Learning in Elementary School


The Covid-19 pandemic that is spreading almost all over the world has disrupted the learning process in schools. Learning should be done online without direct physical contact to avoid the transmission and spread of Corona virus. Online learning is conducted in all subjects, including French language learning at SDIT Ar-Raudhah. This study aims to describe french language learning at SDIT Ar-Raudhah during the Covid-19 pandemic. How does learning take place? Are there any differences in objectives, books, media, and methods used before and during the Covid-19 pandemic?. Answering the above questions is used by the learning component according to Gulö (2002) as a reference in this study. The learning component is the purpose of teaching, teachers, students, subject matter, teaching methods, and teaching media. This research is qualitative descriptive research. The instruments in this study are observations, interviews, documentation studies, and impressions of messages from students about French language learning before and during the Covid-19 pandemic. The informant in this study was a French teacher at SDIT Ar-Raudhah, plus another informant, the principal of SDIT Ar-Raudhah. The results of this study show that the purpose of learning in French language learning before and during the pandemic is not much different, only in terms of achievements that must be adjusted to the reduced teaching time. Teachers must have more skills to be able to prepare for learning well, such as being able to make presentations with Power Point or making learning videos with the aim of making the child fully understand the explanations given. Students must learn to use a laptop or smartphone that makes the learning process less maximal because the radiation felt makes children quickly tired and bored, in addition to learning during the pandemic makes children need to be more focused during learning so as not to be left behind material. Teaching materials delivered by teachers in accordance with the syllabus that has been made before, so there is no difference before or during the pandemic. The method used in learning is still a communicative method in which children are asked to be more active in using French to communicate, but it is disrupted by unstable network conditions that make children sometimes have to go in and out, so they cannot follow the learning properly. The media used in presentation learning uses Power Point to explain teaching materials as well as to use video defense. This research can be used as an example for French teachers who want to learn French for children during the Covid-19 pandemic. This analysis still needs to be maximized in order to get results that fit the concept of learning that should be