Netizen Engagement on #samasamabelajar Tiktok Hashtag : Social Media as English Learning Media

  • Putri Arumjani Universitas Pekalongan
  • Dwi Ario Fajar Universitas Pekalongan
Keywords: Social Media; Netizen; TikTok; Learning Media


Era Nitri is a content creator on Tiktok from Indonesia. This account is most popular on TikTok. The statement problem taken in this study are how netizens engagement on @eranitri tiktok account and how efficient for netizens as English Learners. This study used a qualitative method with a netnography approach. The result of this study describes 2 types netizens. The first type of netizens who accept the material conveyed through the video. This is evidenced by the comments of netizens on this type, the majority of which contain expressing their interest in learning on TikTok. The second type are netizens who are not interested in learning on TikTok. This is evidenced by the netizens comments on this type, which mostly contain conveying personal things rather than material being discuss. There is no any level of understanding that netizens get from the material discussed, its indicates netizen engagement in learning on TikTok has low engagement. Netizens tend to use TikTok as medium for entertainment rather than education. The answer of problem statement, TikTok as English Learning Media is not effective. Even though it has high interaction, the main concept of content that aim to educate is not conveyed to netizens.