The Analysis of Problem Based Learning as Teaching Model Towards Students’ Critical Thinking Skill on Chapter 7’s Teaching Unit (a Case Study on Grade VIII at SMP N 1 Batang)

  • Fara Viona Astri Universitas Pekalongan, Indonesia
Keywords: English Language Teaching; Critical Thinking; Problem Based Learning


This study aimed to explain the appropriateness of Problem Based Learning as teaching model in SMP N 1 Batang and to explain the analysis of Problem Based Learning towards students’ critical thinking skill on Chapter 7’s teaching unit in grade VIII of SMP N 1 Batang. This research is descriptive research. This research used interview which based on the function of Problem Based Learning according to Levin (2001) and document analysis. The result of this study showed that problem based learning is appropriate to be applied in the SMP N 1 Batang, which students are able to implement each step of problem based learning and has less difficulty during the learning activity. In addition, this study showed that students are succeed to do the 4C activity, especially in critical thinking activity. Thus, problem based learning can be considered as an appropriate teaching model and able to encourage students’ critical thinking.