Javanese Code Mixing in Teaching English at SMK Muhammadiyah Doro in Academic Year 2020/2021

  • Fitroh Fatkhu Rohmah Universitas Pekalongan
  • Dwi Ario Fajar Universitas Pekalongan, Indonesia
  • Ida Ayu Panuntun Universitas Pekalongan, Indonesia
Keywords: Javanese language; code mixing; teaching English


Many people who can use more than one language encourage them to mix languages whenever they speak. Mixing two languages can be called as code mixing. The objectives in this research 1.) To describe the type of code mixing is dominant used by teacher in teaching English at SMK Muhammadiyah Doro. 2.) To describe the reason the teacher is used Javanese code mixing in teaching English. The subject in this research is utterances of the teacher in teaching learning process. In this research the researcher used online observation to collect the data then used instruments for interview the teacher. The findings showed that there were 14 Number of code mixing, the type of code mixing that she used in teaching learning process. Found 12 utterance of Intra Sentential Code Mixing and not found of Intra Lexical Code Mixing and found 2 utterance of Involving Change of Pronunciation. While reason the teacher using Javanese code in teaching English are first the reasons why the teacher used code mixing in the class is to use someone quotation in English, Second was teacher used code mixing in order to express the emotion or feeling to the students by using English expressions, The third reason of the teachers to use code mixing was to make the utterance clearer, sometimes when their students misunderstood or do not understand what they said.