Fieldtrip Model for Cultural Literacy of Elementary School Students Through Virtual Reality

  • Vina Iasha Universitas Negeri Jakarta, Indonesia
  • Muhammad Japar Universitas Negeri Jakarta, Indonesia
  • Arifin Maksum Universitas Negeri Jakarta, Indonesia
  • Bramianto Setiawan Universitas PGRI Adi Buana Indonesia
Keywords: field trip, cultural literacy, virtual reality


Education in elementary schools is vital in shaping the basics of student understanding, including cultural literacy. However, students often have difficulty understanding the material taught due to less innovative learning. Therefore, this study aims to determine the relationship of field trips to cultural literacy through virtual reality media. The method used in this research is the correlational survey method. The study's variables were the field trip model, virtual reality (VR), and cultural literacy. This research was conducted in 20 elementary schools in six areas of Jakarta. The data collection tool used is a questionnaire. The data were processed using the path analysis and Structural Equation Model (SEM) methods. The results showed that the field trip learning model indirectly significantly influences cultural literacy through virtual reality. This is because virtual reality technology allows users or users to visit places, sites, and objects simulated by computers so that users feel they are in that environment.