Does Online Payment Meet Students’ Need? How Perceived Usefulness, Perceived Ease of Use and Brand Preference Affect Students’ Intention in Using Online Payment

  • Mohamad Sidik Universitas Pekalongan, Indonesia
  • Meliza Meliza Universitas Pekalongan, Indonesia
  • Akhmad Samsul Ulum Universitas Pekalongan, Indonesia
Keywords: online payment, student, Technology Acceptance Model (TAM)


The business development in the digital era requires every line of business to improve the quality of its services. Higher education as a business venture in the field of education is also required to accommodate the needs of its students in obtaining easy payment services by providing online payments. This research was based on the Technology Acceptance Model (TAM). It is a theoretically justified model and empirical intended to explain the acceptance of technology or information systems that has two important elements, namely perceived usefulness and perceived ease of use. This research tried to examine the effect of perceived of usefulness, perceived ease of use and brand preference toward students’ intention to use online payment. The result stated that perceived usefulness, perceived ease of use and brand preferences have positive effect on students’ intention to use online payment.