The Validation of Teaching Modul Based on Scaffolding “Kata Sepat” to Increase the Ability of Mathematical Concept of Quadrilateral Mathematics Comprehension

  • Rini Utami Universitas Pekalongan, Indonesia
  • Nurina Hidayah Universitas Pekalongan, Indonesia
  • Dwi Ario Fajar Universitas Pekalongan, Indonesia
Keywords: Kata Sepat, Teaching Modul, Mathematical Concept, Quadrilateral, Validation


This study aims to validation a teaching module based on the Kata Sepat scaffolding in quadrilateral mathematics coprehension. This teaching module is the result of development research consisting of define, design, develop and disseminate (4D) stages. The instruments used in this study were observation sheets, interviews and validation questionnaires. This research is still at the develope stage and needs to be continued at the disseminate stage. Validation results conclude that teaching modules are valid for learning mathematics.