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  • Suparyati Akademi Analis Kesehatan Pekalongan
Keywords: Contaminant Fungus, Swab, Mobile Phone


A mobilephone is a two-way electronic telecommunication device that can be taken anywhere by battery, without using a cable and receiving voice over a signal. Dirt on the phone due to hands touching dirty objects then touch the phone, so the fungus easily contaminate on the surface of the mobile phone. Various easily contaminated fungi, such as Aspergillus sp., Rhizopus sp., Penicillium sp., Candida sp., and Mucor sp.This study aims to identifying and know the percentage of contaminant fungus on mobile phones. If the fungus contaminates the mobile phone it can cause diseases such as otomikosis, dermatomikosis, mouth candidiasis, and pulmonary fungus. This type of research is descriptive. The sample of this research is mobile phone on the student of Akademi Analis Kesehatan (AAK) Pekalongan amounted to 25 samples. The fungi were identified by culturing to SGA medium (Sabouraud Glucose Agar) and incubated for 7 days at 37°C, then observed its growth. The sample study was conducted at AAK Pekalongan Parasitology Laboratory. The results obtained from the study were samples of mobile phone contaminated with fungus as much as 96%, among others: Aspergillus sp. (52%), Rhizopus sp. (4%), Candida sp. (4%), Candida sp. and Clasdosporium sp. (4%), Penicillium sp. and Candida sp. (4%), Aspergillus sp. and Clasdosporium sp. (4%), Aspergillus sp. and Penicillium sp. (4%), Aspergillus sp. and Mycelia sterilia (4%), Aspergillus sp. and Rhizopus sp. (8%). The conclusion of this research is that from 25 samples of mobile phone contaminated with 24 (96%) and non contaminated fungi (1%).


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