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Dampaknya adalah pembelajaran yang terkesan tergesa- gesa sehingga dalam pelaksanaanya kurang memperhatikan mutu dan banyak kekurangan di sana sini. Penelitian ini bertujuan untuk memberikan gambaran pelaksanaan pembelajaran daring terutama di PKBM di Kabupaten Pekalongan. Hasil penelitian ini diharapkan mampu memberikan rekomendasi pembuatan, evaluasi pelaksanaan dan tindak lanjut kebijakan pembelajaran daring khususnya di era pandemic covid-19. (Dwi Ario Fajar – Universitas Pekalongan)</p> Dwi Ario Fajar, , M. Fajru Sidqi, Susanto Copyright (c) 2021 NATIONAL SEMINAR OF PBI (English Language Education) Thu, 01 Apr 2021 03:26:43 +0000 KONSTRUKTIVISME VS REKONSTRUKSIONISME DALAM PEMBELAJARAN BAHASA INGGRIS ERA DISRUPSI Wajah dunia pendidikan berubah seketika dengan ditandainya era revolusi Industri 4.0 pada tahun 2011 oleh Kanselir Jerman Angela Merkel. Dunia pendidikan tertuju pada pernyataan clayton christensen bahwa dunia pendidikan harus mengubah cara belajar dengan menitik beratkan kemampuan kolaborasi manusia dengan teknologi. Bahasa Inggris di Indonesia memiliki problematika yang kompleks dan terimbas langsung dengan kemajuan teknologi, gaya belajar bahasa pun dipertarungkan antara model konstruktivisme yang ditunjang kemampuan interaksi sosial fisik dengan rekonstruksionisme yang mengedepankan prediksi-prediksi masa depan termasuk kearifan teknologi. M. Fajru Sidqi Copyright (c) 2021 NATIONAL SEMINAR OF PBI (English Language Education) Thu, 01 Apr 2021 02:00:06 +0000 POLITENESS STRATEGY IN OFFERING SOMETHING THROUGH ONLINE MEDIA Communication is a basic need in our life. To make a good communication, we have to use politeness principle in our utterances. Students must pay attention the strategies in politeness principle, for example the utterances which are delivered by the students and lecturers. There are so many rules in implementing politeness strategy. Applying politeness strategy in their conversation with their lecturers is very important The researcher used descriptive qualitative method in this research. The instrument of this research was questionnaire. The result shows that there were negative politeness strategies used by the students in offering context. Those were state indirectly, being pessimistic, reduce the burden of request and stated that the interlocutor act was very valuable to speakers. Ida Ayu Panuntun, M.Pd Copyright (c) NEGATIVE POLITENESS STRATEGY BETWEEN STUDENTS AND LECTURER IN REMINDING CONTEXT Communication is very important thing in our life. To create good communication, we need to consider to use politeness strategy. Students, however, need to apply politeness strategy in their conversation with their lecturers. This research is descriptive qualitative research. The instrument used in this research was questionnaire. The result shows that the negative politeness strategy used by the students In reminding context. The negative politeness strategies used by the students were apologizing, state indirectly and asking questions and refuses Rizka Hayati Copyright (c) THE ROLE OF SCHOOL ON DEVELOPING STUDENTS’ CHARACTER THROUGH STUDENT CENTERED LEARNING IN TOTTO-CHAN: THE LITTLE GIRL AT THE WINDOW NOVEL Many people consider that school has become an important place to achieve education. School has outcomes not only on children’s educational achievement, but also on their achievement of literacy, numeracy, scientific knowledge and character. The objectives of the study were as follows: (1) to find out the school’s role on developing students’ character, and (2) to analyse the school on developing students’ character through the student centered learning in the novel Totto-Chan: The Little Girl at The Window by Tetsuko Kuroyanagi. This research method was descriptive qualitative research, which utilised content analysis on the novel. The subject of the study was the novel. The technique of collecting data was by selecting the novel, reading the novel primarily, identifying the data connected to the research and remarking the important information written in the novel. The findings of the research were as follows: (1) Five data were collected as the samples of the role of school on developing Tomoe Gakuen students character. (2) Five other data were also composed on how the school develops students’ character through student centered learning. Through this paper, the researcher expects that it can provide broader information about student centered learning to the readers. Mukhammad Hidayat Muttaqin Copyright (c) CHARACTERISTICS OF YOUTH MOTIVATION DISCOURSE The use of a person's language develops according to the psychological development of the language user. Language in childhood will be different from the language of adolescents. Likewise, the language of adolescents will be different from the use of adult language. The purpose of this study is to identify the characteristics of youth motivation discourse language. This research is a qualitative research. The object of this research is words, phrases, or sentences that show the characteristics of youth motivation discourse. Sources of data in this study are the results of writing in the form of motivational discourses written by students of SMP Muhammadiyah 6 Surakarta. The data collection technique in this research is documentation. In addition, interviews were conducted with a number of informants. Triangulation that is done is triangulation of sources and triangulation of researchers. The analysis used the equivalent method, namely referential equivalent or content analysis as well as FGD. There are ten characteristics found in adolescent motivational discourse: (a) sound elimination in which written language is influenced by spoken language; (b) there is a similarity in grammatical functions, namely the similarity of the grammatical function of the -in suffix which is aligned with the morpheme zero; (c) the existence of a form of repetition, namely reduplication of the whole, reduplication of combinations with clitics, reduplication of combinations with affix affixing ,; (d) the existence of an acronym form, namely the taking of the dominant syllable from each word that embodies the concept; (e) the use of prepositions which are a reflection of spoken language; (f) the use of particles --lah to emphasize the form of the command; (g) a form of presupposition that gives rise to connotative meanings; (h) affirmation with symbols and punctuation marks; (i) the use of klitik -mu; and (j) the use of asynchronous pronouns. Abdillah Nugroho, Adyana Sunanda, Agus Budi Wahyudi, Atiqa Sabardila, Na’imul Faizah Copyright (c) AN ANALYSIS OF POLITENESS STRATEGY IN SHORT COMEDY FILM BASED ON PATRIDGE’S THEORY In communication, there is politeness strategy that occurs unconsciously. It is very important to investigate as it is used by people in their interactions and in specific contexts, knowing what to say, how to say, when to say and how to be with other people (Yule, 1996). This study is about politeness strategy used in short comedy film titled “The translator”. Thus, the aims are to identify and classify the politeness strategy used by the actor and actress in short film. The identification of politeness strategies in this study based on Patridge theory by using descriptive qualitative approach. Researcher found there are 32 politeness strategies such as 8 positive politeness strategies, 5 negative politeness strategies, 16 bald on record strategies, and 3 off record strategies. The dominant strategy is bald on record strategy. Alifia J C Sari, Egi Raputri, Ade D Cahyanti Copyright (c) THE ANALYSIS OF ENGLISH TEXTBOOK “BAHASA INGGRIS KEMENTRIAN PENDIDIKAN DAN KEBUDAYAAN REPUBLIK INDONESIA 2017” IN READING MATERIAL BASED ON CURRICULUM 2013 The aim of this study is to know whether the English textbook “Bahasa Inggris by Kementerian Pendidikan dan Kebudayaan Republik Indonesia 2017” matched with the KI (Kompetensi Inti) and KD (Kompetensi Dasar) in curriculum 2013. Beside it, the writer studied also the feasibility of content on reading material provided in the textbook. This study used qualitative descriptive methods. The data was collected from the textbook “Bahasa Inggris by Kementerian Pendidikan dan Kebudayaan Republik Indonesia 2017”, especially on the reading skill materials. The result of this study concluded that (1) the English textbook “Bahasa Inggris by Kementerian Pendidikan dan Kebudayaan Republik Indonesia 2017” was compatible with the KI and KD of curriculum 2013. The KI and KD were implementing perfectly in the English textbook. (2) the reading material in the English textbook was developed with implementing the material of curriculum 2013, the reading material also already reached the standard of textbook in curriculum 2013 with the percentage 75%. It was considered feasible. Based on the result of this study, because the textbook did not categories as feasible for 100 %, so, the writer suggested that the English teachers could cover it by finding the other relevant resources with the same topics. Raivy Nawarotul Azqiya, Sarlita Dewi Matra Copyright (c) THE STUDENTS’ ABILITY IN READING COMPREHENSION OF RECOUNT TEXT Reading skills became very important in education fields; students need to be exercised and trained in order to have good reading skills. As reading is very important students are expected to improve reading skills in English lesson. This study aims to describe students’ ability in reading comprehension of recount text and to find out the problems faced by the tenth graders in SMK Islam Bojong in the academic year of 2019/2020 in reading comprehension of recount text.This study used descriptive qualitative method to analyze reading comprehension of recount text. From the results based on the research finding. Here it showed how students’ ability in reading comprehension of recount text was low percentage; it was about 60% (poor). It is clear, that the students’ ability was poor. There were 2 students who had excellent categories, 2 students who had very good categories, 3 students who had good categories, 7 students who had poor categories and the last 6 students who had very poor categories. Based on the students’ ability in the indicator of reading has the moderate percentage in especially identified the topic of recount text 77. 5%, identified detail information 67. 5%. The writer concluded that were students’ had problem faced were 60% students difficulties to looked for identified the main idea of recount text, 50% students did not understand the social function of recount text, 42.5% students had limited vocabulary yet. Aulia Khattamimma Copyright (c) CYBERBULLYING IN DUFF FILM Cyberbullying Is Any Cyber-Communication Or Publication Posted or sent by a minor online, by Information Technology devices that is intended to frighten, embarrass, harass, hurt, set up, cause harm to, extort, or otherwise target another minor. In other countries there are many cases of Cyberbullying that ended with very serious event such as the suicide of the victims. This study was conducted to gain insight into how this phenomenon occur in Indonesia. We used questionnaires as a mean to get the informations about Cyberbullying among Indonesian teenagers. We distributed these questionnaires to secondary and high school students in Magelang, Yogyakarta and Semarang. The result shows that Cyberbullying has already happened with a big enough number (28%) but the impact was not very serious. From the answers we can conclude that many teens haven’t understand what Cyberbullying is and what its potential dangerous impacts may follow. We also explored the roles, responsibilities, and things that can be done by teens, parents, schools, law enforcements, and communities in order to prevent and stop Cyberbullying. Alfin Dwi Rinaldi Copyright (c) STUDENTS’ ABILITY IN WRITING DESCRIPTIVE TEXT (A Case Study of the First Grade Student in Academic Year of 2020/2021) This research is aimed at analyzing students’ writing skill in descriptive text of the 7th grade students at Samuray Learning Course Pekalongan and the difficulty’s factors which affect it. This research uses descriptive qualitative method to analyze the data which is having test with the students while teaching learning process in classroom. The results of this research show that first, mostly student can understand what descriptive text is, but fewer students are still confused of it. From 15 samples of students that are having test, there are 11 passed students (73, 33%) and 4 unpassed students (26, 67%). Second, based on the result of the students’ ability in writing descriptive text, the students still need to practice more to master descriptive text much better. Most of them have problems in tenses, structure, and also vocabulary which they need to be enriched. Yuli Iswara Copyright (c) AN ANALYZE CODE MIXING AYAT-AYAT 2 BY HABIBURRAHMAN EL-SHIRAZY Language is more than a sign as it can function as a tool for communication among humans. This means that language can be learned by the humans. Sociolinguistics examines the interaction of language and society, with language as strarting point. This research aims to analyze code-mixing in novel entitled “Ayat-Ayat Cinta 2” by Habiburrahman El-Shirazy. Researchers using novels intend to inform readers that in the novel there is a code switching which is very important so that readers do not feel confused when reading and know the meaning of a novel. Code mixing occurs when people mix two languages between their mother tongue and English. Code mixing is found mainly in informal interactions. In this study, researchers used descriptive qualitative methods. Researchers found 69% mixed English code, 13% mixed German mixed code, 11% mixed Arabic, 7% Turkish mixed code, and 0% mixed Javanese code. The researcher used technique literature as a reference and support guide in research. Aqila Nisfa maulida, Ditafia Adiniannda, Sari Utari Copyright (c) STUDENTS ERROR IN WRITING REPORTED SPEECH (A Case Study at the Eleventh Grade of SMK Ma’arif Nu Kajen) Language is use for communication with other people. communicate with other people we can use writing and speaking. However, in language have grammar structure to make easy the receiver to understand what the message want to deliver. Grammar in simple way is a set of word and then combine and arrange become a sentence. In the part of grammar there is material talk about reported speech. is a means of expressing content statement, question or other utterances, without quoting them explicitly as is done in direct speech. However, the students sometime make error. The error make by the student the analyzed. The error analysis always occurs in grammar. The data analysed are exercise consist of 10 question. The method used is descriptive qualitative. The results of this research is the student make error in vocabulary, error in use “to be” and “auxiliary” and error in use pronoun. There is some factor why student makes error: internal factor come from the student is mastering in vocabulary, how quickly student can understand the explanation from teacher and how clearly the teacher explaining the material to the student. Doni Saputra Copyright (c) SEMIOTIC ANALYSIS TOWARDS CHARACTERS BUILDING SENSES ON NARRATIVE TEXT “YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL AS YOU ARE” This research aims to describe the semiotic meaning on “You Are Beautiful As You Are” text towards characters building senses and describe the way narrative material can build the students’ character. The research method included: 1) the research design used; descriptive qualitative. 2) The object used; narrative text entitled “You Are Beautiful As You Are”. 3) The data and data source were taken from moral value, visualization, and phrases used and they were taken from Eighth Grader of Junior high school text book. 4) The primary data and secondary data were from the writer herself and syllabus, KI, and teacher’s book. 5) The techniques of analyzing the data were; listed the data, identified, classified into signifier and signified, described the types of semiotic then, constructed the types of semiotic found. The result showed that there were twelve terms which gave us deeper meaning of each character, moral value and phrases used. All this findings led to the second conclusion that the given text was containing good moral value as part of building the student’s characters. Hence, this research can lead the student to build their characters as manifestation of “Love My Self” personalities. Etika Desa Putri, Pradnya Permanasari, Inayatul Ulya Copyright (c) THE USE OF “SNACK ATTACK” SHORT MOVIE FOR WRITING FORMATIVE ASSESMENT ON RECOUNT TEXT This research has aimed to know student ability the writing skill using short movie of students of X of MA Salafiyah in academic years 2019/2020. The problem was that they had low writing ability. Short movie is the one of media that can be used in teaching writing. This media has the characteristic which can be seen and heard at a same time. Through movie, students can built and develop their imagination in writing a good text. Besides, this media can motivate students to learn writing on recount text. The formulation of the research problems were: 1) How is the use “Snack Attact” as short movie for writing formative assesment on recount text? 2) How is the student’s achievement in formative assesment of writing in recount text? The purpose of this research were: 1) To finding out the process of students’ achievement in writing skill. 2) To discovering students’ responses to the use of short movie in achievement writing skill. The research method included: 1) the research design used in this research was descriptive qualitative. 2) The population of this research was the tenth grade students of MA Salafiyah in academic years 2019/2020. 3) The samples were tenth grade class consist of 18 students, they are 8 males and 10 females of tenth grade of MA Salafiyah Pekalongan in the academic year of 2019/2020. 4) The research instrument which was used to collect the data were test and interview. Based on the achievement interview and test, the result of the study about students’ ability in writing English using short movie helped them to supporting their skill, pronunciation, grammar and given them learned new vocabulary. Nanda Kania Meitri, Dwi Ario Fajar, M. Fajru Sidqi Copyright (c) NEW PERSPECTIVE OF HISTORY THROUGH NEW HISTORICISM IN ANIMATED FILM: BATTLE OF SURABAYA This study aims to analyze important events that are not widely known in the history of the battle of Surabaya. The theory of new historicism is used as the basis of analysis. In analyzing the animated film Battle of Surabaya, qualitative descriptive methods are used. The object of this research is the film Battle of Surabaya produced by MSV Pictures. This research's data sources were taken from films, journals, articles, and related internet web. In this research, the collection of data obtained in qualitative descriptive and after the data collected is carried out by analyzing the data. This research reveals that historical reconstruction can change over time, from place to place and from one person to another, depending on each other's point of view. This research concludes that the animated film Battle of Surabaya managed to give an overview, a new perspective on the battle in Surabaya that is not widely known. Aning Diah Wijayanti, Dwi Ario Fajar Copyright (c) GENDER EQUALITY REPRESENTED IN THE ANIMATED FILM “RALPH BREAKS THE INTERNET” (A FEMINIST STUDY) Feminism is an ideology or an understanding that states equal rights between men and women. The inequalities between the roles of men and women have become one of the structural barriers that cause people in society do not have equal access. This study aims to reveal the gender equality represented in the animated film “Ralph Breaks the Internet” by using a qualitative descriptive method. In order to be more focused, this study uses the sociology of literature approach theory. Basically, the sociology of literature approach discusses several social problems that exist in society. In the animated film Ralph Breaks the Internet, there are several findings that representing the gender equality for women. Then, several forms of gender equality are classified into three parts such as; Woman in leadership, Equality in workplace and Equality in power. From this film, we can learn that gender is not an excuse that is used to discriminate against women, but gender is a part of reality that must be maintained to provide justice to women in all aspects. Gender equality should be enforced so that women get equal treatment in social life. Satrio Aji Pangestu, Dwi Ario Fajar Copyright (c) THE APPLICATION OF MIND MAPPING TO TEACH READING OF NARRATIVE TEXT <p>English is still considered as a difficult subject, such as in the narrative text that combines reading and writing skills. The success of teaching is determined by the level of acceptance of students' understanding of the material. Students will learn with good interest if the teacher can teach in a fun way. It means that the teacher must determine creative and innovative learning by packaging the material in a simple but easy way for students to understand. This article aims to show the effect of an interactive teaching method. With the concept of the mind map in understanding the narrative text in English subjects. The data collection method used to complete this article is a literature review. It was done by investigating several articles or research related to the application of the mind mapping method in teaching narrative text to produce a descriptive analysis that through mind mapping, it can increase students' enthusiasm in learning English. Mind mapping can help students in indentifying the information of narrative text in the students' language. Therefore, it made the students comprehend the text easily.</p> Sinta Khoiriyah, Ady Prasetya, Ifatul Maula Copyright (c) 2021 Thu, 01 Apr 2021 03:27:16 +0000 SCAFFOLDING LEARNING STRATEGY REFLECTED IN “HARRY POTTER AND THE CHAMBER OF SECRETS” FILM The success of a student depends on how much the student is engaged in the learning process. The teacher should demonstrate how to solve the problem first and the students should follow their ways. In addition, the teachers may choose the best strategies by using film. This study explains about Scaffolding as the learning strategy that reflected in “Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secret” film which can inspire the teachers about the kinds of scaffolding method that use in the film. This study uses descriptive qualitative research. Constructivism theory is used for analyze Scaffolding as learning strategy reflected in “Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secret” film. This study reveals demonstrating, offering explanation, inviting students’ participation, clarify and verifying and inviting student contributing on the clue in the learning reflected in “Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secret” film. The challenge of Scaffolding are unequalized students’ skill, inadequately modelling and time consuming. It concludes that scaffolding has so many methods that used in Hogwarts. It also has benefits such as engage, and motivates the students to learn so that they can apply the knowledge by themselves Ika Octavia, Dwi Ario Fajar Copyright (c) POSTGRADUATE STUDENTS’ EXPERIENCES ON THE USE OF ZOOM MEETING IN ONLINE LECTURE DURING PANDEMIC Conventional meeting in the classroom has been affected by the covid-19 pandemic, leading to the near-total closures of schools, and colleges change to online meeting to prevent the spread of covid-19. It caused all elements of the education sector to adapt and to continue the teaching-learning process online. This is one of the effective solutions to activate the learning process to stay exist. Many schools have incorporated technology through the utilization of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT). The use of platforms such as zoom meeting is one of the ways to fit the best online classroom meeting at the postgraduate level. This study explains the postgraduate students’ perception on the use of zoom meetings as a learning media meeting and the implementaion of the use of zoom meeting in online lecture during pandemic. This study is a case study that employs a qualitative approach. Data obtained through questionnaires. The subject is 80 students of master degree program, English education, Postgraduate, Unnes. Findings showed that students use it as a facilitation tool for joining the classroom, presentation, and accomodating interaction with lecturers and friends. In general, students perceived positively the use of zoom meetings, it also very helpful to conduct their online lecture during pandemic. Silvia N. P. Erito Copyright (c) SPIRITUALITAS PENDIDIKAN DAN SPIRITUALITAS BELAJAR The education in Indonesia generally lacks spirituality, so learning becomes less meaningful. This study aims to analyze the spirituality of education and spirituality in learning as well as the ideals that should be raised in learning. Data were collected through relevant literature studies. The results show that learning is still carried out on the basis of encouragement or motive to get learning grades, going to class, a good school, or a good job. As a result, learning power is easily weak when what is expected is fulfilled. In the concept of educational spirituality and learning spirituality, learning must depart from the awareness that learning is an effort to get provisions to provide benefits or goodness to others as God teaches the meaning of doing good to others. Veronica Tyas Larasati Copyright (c) THE ONLINE LEARNING MOTIVATION OF ENGLISH LANGUAGE EDUCATION STUDENTS IN COVID-19 PANDEMIC ERA This study discusses the online learning motivation of English Language education students in covid-19 pandemic era. Motivation to learn is very important for students. Because learning motivation is the main driving force for a person to take an action in an effort to achieve a goal. There is two factors, Intrinsic and extrinsic factors. Both of these factors can influence learning motivation for each student. Learning motivation is very important. Especially in this pandemic era. Everything so different, including educational system in Indonesia. Students and teachers have to addapt with this new normal. Face-to-face learning is no longer possible, and now it has to be done by online system. There will be alot of challenges in this pandemic era. If the students have a strong learning motivation, they can certainly face all the challenges that exist during this pandemic. We also conducted a survey to some English Language Education students . From this research we can get some information about the factors that exist in the student. So that, they can have a strong motivation to learn. Hizbul Islam, Debi Gracelia Putri Copyright (c) AN ANALYSIS OF POLITENESS PRINCIPLES IN “FREEDOM WRITERS” MOVIE This research examines the use of politeness principles in “Freedom Writers” movie by Richard LaGravenese (2007). It aims to identify, classify, and analyze the politeness principles and their function in characters utterance in the Freedom Writers movie. This research used a descriptive method. The data collected from utterances among characters, then classify and analyze them to the concept of Leech’s maxim (1983). Based on Leech theory there are six result of maxims that found by researcher. They are tact maxim, generosity maxim, approbation maxim, modesty maxim, agreement maxim, and sympathy maxim, and their function applied by the characters in their utterances. The first is tact maxim consist of 3 utterances that function is minimizes cost to other and maximizes benefit to the other. Second is generosity maxim consist of 2 utterances and the function is to minimizes benefit to self and maximizes cost to self. Third is approbation maxim consist of 6 utterances that function is to minimizes dispraise of other and maximizes praise of other. Fourth is modesty maxim consist of 3 utterances that function is to minimizes praise of self and maximizes dispraise of self. Fifth is agreement maxim which consist of 2 utterances that function is to maximizes agreement between self and other and minimizes disagreement between self and other. Sixth, sympathy maxim which consist of 3 utterances that function is to minimizes antipathy between self and other and maximizes sympathy between self and other. The researcher is expected that this research can help the readers to study about pragmatic especially politeness principles because, it was interesting and important to study. Tri Mulyono, Ida Ayu Panuntun, Pradnya Permanasari Copyright (c) VIRTUAL LEARNING “SPEAKING FOR GENERAL COMMUNICATION” DURING COVID-19: EFL STUDENTS’ ATTITUDE Virtual teaching has become trend in education due to the corona virus outbreak in 2019, including the teaching of EFL speaking skill. This paper aims at portraying the students’ response to the online teaching of Speaking for General Communication. Seventy three students voluntarily filled in the questionnaire given. They are the students of the first semester of one higher education institutions majoring EFL teaching. The questionnaire are categorized into value, positivity, participation, distraction and evaluation. Qualitative design is used to analyze the data. The results show a fair score of each category. However, the score of distraction also shows high level. It can be concluded that students give positive attitude towards the learning instruction. It is suggested that the lecturer find way to monitor the students’ activity during the learning process since the level of distraction in fairly high. Rissa San Rizqiya Copyright (c) DISTANCE LEARNING: TEACHER’S AND ELEMENTARY SCHOOL STUDENTS’ PERSPECTIVE This study was aimed to describe the teacher’s and elementary school students’ perspective about the strength and weaknesses of distance learning and how school overcome its weaknesses. Descriptive qualitative research was the design of this research. The subject of this research was a class teacher of the third grade and 19 elementary school students. Interview was conducted to get the data. The teacher’s perspective told that distance learning contributed positive effects on teaching preparation, class management and parents’ role. However, it also had weaknesses; limited facilities, assessing students’ personality, limited social interaction, and evaluation. Meanwhile, based on the students’ perception, they feel that learning at home make them closer with their parents, fell relax and enjoyable since they could play while learning. However, they felt very bored and want to meet the teacher and their friends. To overcome these weaknesses, the school conduct evaluation gradually so that betterment of teaching learning process can be done. The continuity of distance learning was done based on the government regulation Inayatul Ulya Copyright (c) CODE SWITCHING IN PURWOKERTO Daily life conversation is a natural interaction in natural setting. Daily life conversation also displays natural language used by the community. The language used in community is not only the native language, but also another or other languages. Socio-cultural aspect also affects the language choice used by the community, so it creates a bilingual or multilingual community. Nowadays, people do not only speak bilingual or multilingual, but they also apply code switching. Code switching means when people speak, they switch from a language into another language. In this case, people switch from their native language, into another language, in this case, English. There were 88 clauses from natural interaction that work as the data. The analysis was done by coding and grouping the data into six types of code switching, and then the data were interpreted and represented in forms of description and explanation. The result of the study showed that intra-sentential switch was the most used type of code switching in the community. It ranged 45,45% of all samples. It might happen because some people in community got used to speaking both in their native language and another language within a clause/sentence. Involving change of pronunciation showed the least used type of code switching. It ranged 3,41% of all samples. It might happen because some people in community rarely mixed the pronunciation between their native language and another language, in this case, English. Eka Dyah Puspita Sari, Weksa Fradita Asriyama Copyright (c)