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  • Susanto Universitas Pekalongan
  • Pradnya Permanasari Universitas Pekalongan
Keywords: Female Representation, Spot, Textbook, Senior High School


This research aimed to analyze the female stereotype in sport throughtout English language textbook used in Indonesian senior high school entitled “Bahasa Inggris Work In Progress” by Budi Hermawan, Dwi Haryati and Nining Suryaningsih. This research used Feminist Discourse by Jane Sunderland method in context analysis with subtle image question of visibility, role, type of sport and category of sport. The objectives of the study used in this research were to investigate the frequency of appearance of female athletes in high school English text book and to describe the stereotype of female athletes in high school English textbook. The frequency from the data that has been analyze are the visibility of male representations were shown 87.5% of appearances in total of the textbook while for the female representation shown only 12.5% appearances in total. While in roles for the male athlete role’s shown 84.3% of appearance compared to 15.7% of female athlete role’s appearance and for male spectator’s role shown 100% of appearance compare to female spectator’s role who had 0% appearance. Then, in the type of sport, For male, the individual type of sport shown 68.75% appearance compared 31.25% of appearance for team type of sport .While for the female, the individual type of sport shown 75% of appearance compared 25% of appearance for team of sport. Furthermore, in category of sport. For male, the power category shown 12.5% compared to 87.5% of speed category while for female, the power category shown 33% compared to 67% of speed category. For the stereotype, there were 3 stereotypes found in summarizing the female representation in sport throughtout English language textbook used in Indonesian senior high school generated from analyzing text and images from 16 pages in total of the textbook that related about sport. The first stereotype, female is not atractive and not appealing in the sense of sport. While the second stereotype, female did not give significance contribution around sport. Then for the third stereotype, female is an emotional being. Based on the results of the research that has been done, it can be concluded that female are still underrepresented and negatively describes in the textbook. However, there is a new discovery that female also portrayed as something strengthful and independent. It is proven with female represent in this textbook in chapter 1 and page 6 and picture 1.4 both of the pictures are shown female as a weight lifter athlete in them which represent a lot about power and independency. It is also means that category has been shift from female as an aesthetics object in a long time ago and now become female that has speed and power in sport. In addition, this research can be awakening and be a new perspective for others while reading the textbook. It is also hope that in the future, there will be a positive change especially in this aspect in a textbook with adding much more female representation.