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Keywords: semantic, idiom, film


This research objectives are: 1. To find out the use of semantic meaning in Jumanji: The next level movie, 2. To describe idioms found in the use of semantic meaning in Jumanji: the Next Level Movie. The writer used descriptive qualitative design. This design is a research method based on the semantic meaning which is every film, there must be idiom words or sentences, including films from America and England. The writer chose Jumanji: the next level, to analyze the idiom sentences. The Jumanji film, which was produced in 2019, has 27 idioms according to the appropriate classification and type, and these idioms have different meanings, classifications of idiom expression, and collocation idiom. Jumanji: the next level is found the types of the idiom as follows: there are 7 idiomatic expressions of simile, 0 idiomatic expressions of binomial, 0 idiomatic expressions of trinomial, 1 idiomatic expression of a proverb, 4 idiomatic expressions if euphemisms, 6 idiomatic expressions of clichés, 9 idiomatic expressions of the fixed statement, and 0 idiomatic expressions of other languages. learn idiomatic expressions is not only from the material given by the teacher, but we can find out from songs, novels, or movies. According to the author, the movies you watch or the songs you listen to must contain a lot of idiomatic expressions, especially from western films. They use the international language, namely English which can be used as learning. English Learning should not ignore a special feature of language called idiomatic expressions