• Mohammad Abdul Fatah Universitas Pekalongan
Keywords: Errors Analyis, Identification, Past Perfect Continuous Tense


Language is important in social life. People need language to communicate in daily activities because through language, people can deliver ideas, information, and knowledge.In Indonesia, there are two languages which are important in education, they are Bahasa Indonesia and English. In Junior High School and Senior High School, Bahasa Indonesia and English are part of all subjects in National Exam. Therefore, the students need to master English and Bahasa Indonesia. So, the students are able to pass the National Exam.In addition, at the pre-school level, English has also been taught to children aged 4-5 years. Besides that, there are many non-formal education programs that teach English to people. Because of those reasons, learning English is not easy because English itself is a foreign language in Indonesia. According to Brown (2007:257) learning a foreign language is not like native language learning. In learning a foreign or second language there would be trial and error. When students learn a foreign language, they will learn the different rules of both languages. In English language there are 16 verb tenses, meanwhile in Indonesia language, there is no sequence in the tenses.The objective of this study is to identify the type of errors commonly made by Second Semester Students of English Department of Pekalongan University in making past perfect continuous sentencesThe research method of this study is a qualitative research. The aim of this study is to describe and analyze the types of errors made by Second Semester Students of English Department of Pekalongan University in using past perfect continuous tense and to find out teacher‟s strategies to eliminate the errors made by the Second Semester Students of English Department of Pekalongan University.