Pengembangan Potensi Wisata Air Di Waduk Penjalin Desa Winduaji Kecamatan Paguyangan

  • Mukhroji Universitas Peradaban Bumiayu
  • Yuni Suprapto Universitas Peradaban Bumiayu
Keywords: Development of water tourism potential, SME’s, Research and development model, Penjalin reservoir


This research examines about the development of water tourism potency in Winduaji Village, Paguyangan. In relation with tourism development in Brebes Regency, this research described and explained about how the developing tourism in Winduaji could gives income or profit to the village maximally. As a result of the tourism’s development, then it is needed to designing SME’s (Small Midle Enterprice’s) product to growing economic potencies of the SMEs around Penjalin Reservoir. This research used descriptive methode by qualitaive data. The data is obtained by using the library method and field method where the field method is followed up by observation, interviewing, checking the validity of the data with observation peersistence techniques, data trigulation, data reduction, data presentation and drawing conclusions. The data from the results obtained explain about the development of water tourism potential in Winduaji village , Paguyangan and the constraints that exist in Paguyangan sub-district. In here the resercher writes that the Penjalin reservoir is an asset that contributes to regional income and can increase to income of the surrounding community. So that water tourism in Penjalin reservoir expected to be able to give a positive impact on the world of Indonesion tourism specifically for the regency of Brebes, therefore attention is needed from the goverment, the public and the private sector in developing tourism potential in Winduaji Village, Paguyangan Sub-distric, Brebes district.