Peluang Dan Tantangan Pengembangan Usaha Mikro Kecil Menengah (UMKM) Dari Berbagai Aspek Ekonomi

  • Nur Kholidah Sekolah Tingi Ilmu Ekonomi Muhammadiyah Pekalongan
  • Miftahur Rahman Hakim Sekolah Tingi Ilmu Ekonomi Muhammadiyah Pekalongan
Keywords: MSMEs, Syari'ah Financial Institutions, Digital Marketing


This study aims to discuss the opportunities and challenges of the aspects of Islamic finance and digital marketing as the driving force for the development of MSMEs. Using a descriptive exploratory approach developed with a literature review or literature study approach. Theoretical approach is carried out by referring from several sources, such as books, scientific journals, and the internet. The results of the study show that the development of digital technology and shari'ah finance is increasing rapidly, in addition to being a challenge for the business world it is also an opportunity and enormous potential for economic and business improvement. technology is an opportunity for MSME entrepreneurs to do business easily and cheaply. The demands of the digital era, MSMEs must be able to utilize markets both nationally and internationally. Already the absence of geographical boundaries provides a great opportunity for the creation of a wider market. On the other hand, MSMEs can be encouraged by a number of policies from the government or businesses of MSMEs themselves by utilizing the Syari'ah Microfinance Institution (BMT), product design and innovation, and strengthening human resources.