Deskripsi Tingkat Pertumbuhan Ekonomi, Tingkat Inflasi dan Tingkat Pengangguran Terkait Dengan Potensi Pertahanan Berdasarkan Keunggulan Geostrategis dan Blue Economy

  • Endro Tri Susdarwono Program Studi Ilmu Komunikasi, Universitas Peradaban Bumiayu
Keywords: Economic Growth, Blue Economy, Economic Development


As an archipelago state that has a vast and rich sea area, Indonesia is challenged to make marine resources the basis of future economic development. This can be started by growing maritime point of view for the community and the government. Indonesian-oriented maritime development is realized through increasing the capacity of human resources with an oceanic perspective. The country is rich in marine biological resources, by developing fisheries and coastal areas. Therefore, in my opinion, It should be needed for a grand design development that is oriented towards the development of blue economy. Coastal and marine resources could be an alternative as a role in contributing to regional and world economic growth.