Pengembangan UKM Dari Berbagai Aspek

  • Ana Mundiana Fakultas Ekonomi, Universitas Selamat Sri
Keywords: Development of SMEs, populist economy


This study aims to describe the economic order, especially SMEs in Batang district through a review of performance based on people's economy, describe the problems faced by SMEs, describe efforts to solve SME problems, describe the accessibility of SME activities, describe opportunities for developing SME economic activities, especially in Batang . This study uses a qualitative descriptive analysis method. The results of this study indicate that in general the problems of SMEs in Batang district are related to Capital, Marketing, Management and Weak Human Resources. The model of SME development can be achieved by changing the Piramide Model into a Rhombus Model that is characterized by popular economy. Effective efforts in developing SMEs include: the creation of a conducive business climate, capital assistance, business protection, partnership development, training, setting up specialized institutions, establishing associations, developing promotions, developing cooperative partnerships etc.