Bridging The Culture Gap: Challenges And Limitations Of Using Chatbots In Intercultural Education

  • FX. Risang Baskara Universitas Sanata Dharma, Yogyakarta
Keywords: chatbots, , intercultural competence, education, challenges, limitations


Chatbots are used more frequently to improve the educational process and develop intercultural competency. However, the difficulties and restrictions of employing chatbots in intercultural education are poorly understood. This study examines the potential drawbacks and difficulties of utilising chatbots in intercultural education, including the risk that they may simplify or stereotype cultural differences and the possibility of technical difficulties obstructing successful communication. This study investigates the effects of chatbots on intercultural communication in the classroom, the use of chatbots in language learning, and the best practices for designing and implementing chatbots in intercultural education through theoretical analysis of previous research and case studies. While chatbots can personalise the learning process and help the development of intercultural competency, the study discovered that they also have essential limits that need to be considered. These findings highlight the need for culturally aware chatbot interactions and continual assessment of chatbots' efficacy in intercultural education, which have significant ramifications for academics and educators. A promising area is the use of chatbots in intercultural education. To fully realise the potential of this technology, it is imperative to solve the difficulties and constraints correctly