A Deixis Analysis Of Song Lyrics in Stay By Justin Bieber

  • Arini Hidayah Surakarta University
  • Budi Purnomo Surakarta University
  • Nunun Tri Widarwati Veteran Bangun Nusantara University
Keywords: Deixis, Song, Lyric


The objectives of this study are to identify the kinds of deixis that are used in the song lyrics in Stay, to find out the dominant types of deixis that are used in the song lyrics in Stay. This research belongs to qualitative research. The researcher uses the observation method, while the data collection techniques listen to songs and recording data in the form. Researcher collects data by listening and analyzing to the songs of “Stay” by Justin Bieber. The result of this research is the song lyrics of Stay use all types of deixis which are personal deixis always occurs in every song of Stay. Personal deixis that is used includes three types of personal deictic words which are first person deixis, second person deixis and third person deixis. In addition, the other types which are spatial deixis and temporal deixis also occur in a song of Stay. Most of personal deixis in Stay song lyric refer to the speaker his self which are encoded by first singular person deixis like “I, My”. While for first plural person deixis which are “We” mostly refer to the speaker.

Author Biography

Arini Hidayah, Surakarta University

Surakarta University