• Aulia Khattamimma Universitas Pekalongan
Keywords: Ability, Reading Comprehension, Recount Text


Reading skills became very important in education fields; students need to be exercised and trained in order to have good reading skills. As reading is very important students are expected to improve reading skills in English lesson. This study aims to describe students’ ability in reading comprehension of recount text and to find out the problems faced by the tenth graders in SMK Islam Bojong in the academic year of 2019/2020 in reading comprehension of recount text.This study used descriptive qualitative method to analyze reading comprehension of recount text. From the results based on the research finding. Here it showed how students’ ability in reading comprehension of recount text was low percentage; it was about 60% (poor). It is clear, that the students’ ability was poor. There were 2 students who had excellent categories, 2 students who had very good categories, 3 students who had good categories, 7 students who had poor categories and the last 6 students who had very poor categories. Based on the students’ ability in the indicator of reading has the moderate percentage in especially identified the topic of recount text 77. 5%, identified detail information 67. 5%. The writer concluded that were students’ had problem faced were 60% students difficulties to looked for identified the main idea of recount text, 50% students did not understand the social function of recount text, 42.5% students had limited vocabulary yet.