STUDENTS’ ABILITY IN WRITING DESCRIPTIVE TEXT (A Case Study of the First Grade Student in Academic Year of 2020/2021)

  • Yuli Iswara Universitas Pekalongan
Keywords: Writting, Descriptive Text, Students’ Ability


This research is aimed at analyzing students’ writing skill in descriptive text of the 7th grade students at Samuray Learning Course Pekalongan and the difficulty’s factors which affect it. This research uses descriptive qualitative method to analyze the data which is having test with the students while teaching learning process in classroom. The results of this research show that first, mostly student can understand what descriptive text is, but fewer students are still confused of it. From 15 samples of students that are having test, there are 11 passed students (73, 33%) and 4 unpassed students (26, 67%). Second, based on the result of the students’ ability in writing descriptive text, the students still need to practice more to master descriptive text much better. Most of them have problems in tenses, structure, and also vocabulary which they need to be enriched.