• Inayatul Ulya Universitas Pekalongan
Keywords: distance learning, perspective


This study was aimed to describe the teacher’s and elementary school students’ perspective about the strength and weaknesses of distance learning and how school overcome its weaknesses. Descriptive qualitative research was the design of this research. The subject of this research was a class teacher of the third grade and 19 elementary school students. Interview was conducted to get the data. The teacher’s perspective told that distance learning contributed positive effects on teaching preparation, class management and parents’ role. However, it also had weaknesses; limited facilities, assessing students’ personality, limited social interaction, and evaluation. Meanwhile, based on the students’ perception, they feel that learning at home make them closer with their parents, fell relax and enjoyable since they could play while learning. However, they felt very bored and want to meet the teacher and their friends. To overcome these weaknesses, the school conduct evaluation gradually so that betterment of teaching learning process can be done. The continuity of distance learning was done based on the government regulation