STUDENT’S PERCEPTION USING GOOGLE CLASSROOM IN ONLINE LEARNING IN THE MIDST OF COVID-19 PANDEMIC (A Survey at the Fifth Semester Students of English Education Department of Universitas Pekalongan)

  • Restya Fima Aghsiln Universitas Pekalongan
  • Sarlita D. Matra Universitas Pekalongan


The spread of the Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic in many countries around the world has changed the learning teaching process in hisgher education sectors from face-to-face learning to online learning. Online learning platforms are solution to sustain the learning process such as Google Classroom. This study aims to describe how students’ perceptions of Google Classroom and find out the benefits and challenges of using Google Classroom in online learning. The researcher involved 31 participant consist of students in fifth semester of english education of Universitas Pekalongan. This research study used a descriptive qualitative method and the data were collected through questionnaires and interviews. Five students were also interviewed to seek more information about their experiences during using Google Classroom. The result of the study showed that students’ perception of Google Classroom share positive perception. Google Classroom was beneficial for students because very economical and affordable. Although this application not effective for discussion online, Google Classroom helped them in oline learning