THE USE OF WHATSAPP AS TEACHING MEDIUM IN DISTANCE LEARNING (A Case of Students’ Responses in Narrative Text Teaching)

  • Tri Rarasati Universitas Pekalongan
  • Sarlita D. Matra Universitas Pekalongan
Keywords: Teaching media


This research aims to find out the impact and influence of Whatsapp media during learning English narrative text while distance learning at N 1 Doro High School. This data is obtained from a google form that contains questions about students' experience learn narrative text using Whatsapp Group media during distance learning and is supported by english teacher interviews. Researchers use qualitative descriptive methods. The respondents used in the study were students of XI IPS from SMA 1 Doro. Based on the results, Learning English using Whatsapp media helps in distance learning because on the positive side of its use such as easy to use, supporting other media, easy to communicate, and all students have Whatsapp on their mobile phones. Although more obstacles such as poor networking, students' understanding of each other is different, continuous assignments, according to students the use of whatsapp group does not improve their skills and instead makes students' learning outcomes for one semester drop.