Online Reading Quizzes and Paper-Based Test: Which Is More Preferred?

  • Waode Ade Sarasmita Uke Universitas Negeri Makassar, Makassar
Keywords: Online Reading Quizzes


The aim of this study is to know whether certain type of quizzes, both online and paper-based is associated with gender. This study was quantitative research. This study included 32 students of junior high school 1 Kendari. The study employed a questionnaire and an interview. Questionnaire looked at Paired-Sample Test. The results of the questionnaire indicate that online reading quizzes elicit positive responses. Online reading quizzes are popular with both male and female students. Females and males alike enjoy online reading tests of the type 4. (matching). They think that matching is easier than the others. Besides, they say that online reading quizzes keep them engaged and motivated to read. Students indicate that they appreciate and are engaged in online reading quizzes that incorporate images, audio, and animations.