• Muh. Rijalul Akbar STKIP Taman Siswa Bima
  • Muhammad Rajulain STKIP Taman Siswa Bima
Keywords: Bibliometric Analysis


This research is a bibliometric analysis on digital learning themes indexed by Scopus in 2018-2021. This study is aimed at determining the classification of articles whose themes are digital learning, to figure out which researches are conducted and discussed the most. In addition, it is also targeted to uncover trends and research opportunities on digital learning themes. This research is a qualitative literature research with bibliometric method. The data in this study are obtained from Scopus metadata attained with Publish or Perish. According to data analysis, it can be concluded that the metadata collected from Publish or Perish must be reduced and corrected. The results of data analysis using VOSviewer revealed that from a total of 215 inputted datasets, there were 178 keywords divided into nine clusters. (1) The most discussed research topics in the first order are storytelling topics that are in cluster 1. The second order is the topic of age which is in cluster 3. The third order is the assessment of topics in cluster 8. (2) Trends and research opportunities with Digital learning themes indexed by Scopus from 2018-2021 appeared to be increasing. The research spike occurred between 2019 and 2021. (3) Topics that became trends and opportunities in research with digital learning themes apart from storytelling, age, and assessment were educators, digital language learning, digital platforms, vocabulary mastery, English language learning, lecturer, instrument, teaching material, online learning, digital competence, process, theory, language pedagogy, 12 learning, SLA, case, feedback, critical thinking, internet, student, ADDIE model, pre service teacher training, gender, participation, and the author