Semiotika Riffaterre dalam Puisi “Sajak Balsem untuk Gus Mus” Karya Joko Pinurbo

  • Nila Mega Marahayu
  • Roch Widjatini
  • Subandi
Keywords: Riffaterre Semiotics, poem, meaning/significance


This paper discusses a poem “Sajak Balsem untuk Gus Mus” by Joko Pinurbo in a book of Buku Latihan Tidur X Nyanyian Puisi Baju Bulan Oppie Andaresta which is based on chaotic social conditions over the interpretation of the presence of God and relevance to the current state of the homeland. In addition, the background of this study is also finding out the meaning or the significance of a poet who exists in the social realm of society and based on divinity in the phenomena of life represented through a poem. This study conducted Riffaterre semiotics theory to do analyzing. The methods used in this study are heuristic reading methods and hermeneutic or retroactive reading, determination of matrices, models, and variants. The methods are conducted to examine the deep meaning or the significance of a poem. The results of the analysis show that the significance of the poem is God and Love. The presence of God is obtained with the holy, piety soul and being grateful as well as through God, human find joy, peace, unity and able to tolerate each other.


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